Assemble your gang of NFT gangsters, take over businesses on the streets of the city, fight against opposing factions and build the most powerful mafia empire!
NFT new city characters (NPCs)
new NFT police officers equipped with a variety of service weapons, batons, handcuffs, dogs and all the attributes of police equipment
new NFT gangsters from all over the world with unique combat characteristics
Gangster skills are divided into 2 categories
Combat skills
automatically triggered
in battles
attack power
health power
combat skills include such skills as
Business skills
additionally increase the profitability of the business
Develop managerial skills and your gangsters will become multipliers of profitability of captured buildings.
an not only wave their fists, but also favorably affect the profitability of the business
management skills
Gangsters with
To upgrade a gangster, use ST tokens.
The higher the level of the gangster, the more ST tokens you will need. Leveling up improves stats: its yield multiplier, strength, and survivability
level of profitability
20+ NFT streets with the ability to earn a percentage of income from street control
Discover new cities, complete daily quests. The farther the street, the more opportunities and gunfights there are, which means you can collect a huge amount of rewards for completing them even with 1 NFT gangster!
The player will have to fight for businesses and earn income in real time, in campaigns, with their friends and opponents
PVE mode
Unite. Empower. Win
IDLE Games is a popular addictive genre. Easy and understandable, for users, GameFi mechanics.
click and earn
IDLE Games
Banks where people can borrow ST tokens
Game missions for mining tokens
View ads by the player for rewards
In-game system in Street Boss
PVP mode
Tool for buying and selling in-game NFTs
Battle pass in PVP mode
Participation in in-game tournaments
Farming business clicker
In-game staking and marketplace
application of the token in the game
application of the token outside the game
application of the token
Ilya Sk
Game designer
Unity developer (GameDev)
Senior character animator (Spine)
C++ senior programmer
An experienced team and community leader who has extensive experience in project management. Deeply immersed in the specifics of the blockchain market and the economics of using tokens in games. Financial analyst
Concept development, creation and development of gameplay and levels. Development and maintenance of GD documentation. Generating and prototyping new mechanics/features and. Unity dev
Software Development, Middle • Unity3d, Game Development • Algorithms and Data structures • Code optimization • Software Development
2D Design, UI, Spine, creation of animations of game elements and characters, more than 50 game projects.
Software Scientist. Writing software for a family of radiotherapy complexes and its full support. Development of a library for working with parallel computing and computer vision. Development of a library for a set of functions for working with the neural network "Machine learning" (similar to Tensorflow). Experience of more than 10 years with: Qt framework (C++), opencl, cuda, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Sergey Ionov
NFT marketplace development
Worked with blockchains: Ethereum, BSC, Tron. Performed auxiliary functions on Polkadot.

Worked with DeFi protocols: Aave, Compaund, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Curve
Marketer with 15 years of experience, his clients: Coca-cola, Nike, Sinergy…
Some of our projects:,,,
Q4 2021
Project idea development.
Creation of the MVP. project
Q1 2022
Integration of P2E mechanics
Listing for launchpad and TGE
Adding new PVE modes,
Creation of new city maps
launch NFT marketplace
50+ new gangster characters
Q2 2022
Adding Minigames
Adding in-game farming
B-version testing
Q3 2022
Official publication of the Alpha version of the game
Adding police campaign
Adding neighborhoods with new businesses
Addition of 20+ NFT streets
Street Boss World tournaments
Q4 2022
Adding New Missions
Launch Mobile Game
Gangster Tournament Launch
A constructor for players to create their own cities
roAd map